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Season’s Greetings!

Harrison Lazarus Advisors, Inc. - Monday, December 10, 2018

To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” — Mark Twain

Season’s Greetings! We all have different ways of celebrating the holidays, but one thing almost all of us have in common is the giving of gifts. And if just the thought of shopping for those gifts raises your blood pressure, I believe the article below on how to give a great gift may help. It provides questions you can ask yourself that may change the way you select what gifts to give. “It’s the thought that counts” applies to much more than gift giving. You can also read below about how reframing our thoughts about money by changing the language we use may ultimately help us become better at managing what we have and reaching our goals. Do you have old phones or laptops you aren’t sure what to do with? Find out how to sell or donate them, helping to de-clutter your house at the start of a new year. Now, let’s talk about the stock market for a moment … I know I encourage you to ignore the headlines, but I also know it’s only human to be nervous when the market is volatile like it has been lately. I hope the information below will give you some peace of mind and remind you that we are in this for the long run. If you are still feeling uncertain, please give me a call and we’ll talk through your concerns.  

I wish you a happy holiday season filled with the love of friends and family! 
How to Give a Great Gift

If you’ve ever struggled with what to give (or whether to give at all) then this article is for you. Though sometimes cash or a gift card really is the best option, there are ways to improve your ability to choose a truly meaningful gift. Remember that sometimes the best gifts are not presents, but your presence.


How to Reframe Your Money Mindset 

Even when we know better, we are all guilty of making mistakes with our money from time to time. Our money mindset (how we think about money and ourselves) impacts how we interact with money. Learn two ways you can improve your relationship with money and increase your chances of reaching your goals.

Get Money (or a Tax Deduction) for Your Used Tech

Technology changes so quickly that we often upgrade our phones and other devices even when the “old” ones are still working. If you have devices collecting dust and taking up space, consider selling or donating them. (Be sure to delete any data first.)

What I Want You to Know About the Recent Market Volatility

I will never be able to predict what markets are going to do in the short term, but I do have confidence in our investment philosophy and its ability to help you meet your long-term goals. I hope this piece will help give you a better understanding of why during turbulent times I advise you to hang on and go along for the ride.


PS: A shareholder vote is needed by January 30, 2019 to approve new agreements related to the merger of BAM Advisor Services with Loring Ward, the current Adviser to the SA Funds. The SA Funds independent Board of Trustees recommends that shareholders vote “FOR” the new agreements. You can enter your voting instructions and view the shareholder material at the following Internet site: If your browser supports secure transactions you will be automatically directed to a secure site. Please note that there will be no changes to your portfolio — Loring Ward and Dimensional Fund Advisors (the sub Adviser to the SA Funds) will continue to provide the same services as in the existing agreements. Voting takes just a moment. If you have any questions, please contact me.