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Markets Will Go Up And Down

Harrison Lazarus Advisors, Inc. - Monday, April 09, 2018

"It isn’t all over; everything has not been invented; the human adventure is just beginning.” —Gene Roddenberry

There is one indisputable thing about investing that we have all been reminded of over the past couple of months: markets will go up and down. When they head south, you may feel a twinge of doubt surrounding your investment plan and even about the markets themselves. The reality is, there is nothing any of us can do to control the markets, so instead of worrying, be optimistic that, historically, markets have tended to reward patient, long-term investors. The world will keep turning, and people and companies are continually in need of groundbreaking goods and services, and in the long run, I believe that investing the way we do is the right way to help build a financial legacy for you and your family.    
Video: Why Markets Work

This video about the humble coffee bean’s journey from cultivation to brewing provides a great lesson about capitalism and human innovation, as well as a reminder for every investor of why markets work. You may come away thinking differently about your morning cup of coffee and if you find a $2.00 cup of coffee let me know. I’ll meet you there!

Executive Producer of The Big Bang Theory Reflects on his Investment Experience

The recent market volatility may have conjured up unpleasant memories from “The Great Recession,” but Dave Goetsch, Executive Producer of The Big Bang Theory, shares how he was determined to learn from his mistakes, embrace his long-term investment plan, and change his perspective about investing.

10 Things You Must Know About Your Credit Score 

Understanding your credit score can make a big difference for you as a consumer. Here are key factors to know about your credit score, how it is used, and some tips to help enhance it.

Beautiful Gardens Around the World

Spring is officially here. If you need inspiration for future travels or enhancing your own landscaping, enjoy these 10 sensationally beautiful global gardens.

College planning

This is the 4th blog entry with our recommendations on how to best plan for your children's’ college expenses. As noted in the 3rd entry last month, the 1st step in determining your personal resources available is as simple as completing the below one page College Funding Pre-Approval Plan.

Feel free to calculate your own numbers in this worksheet College Funding Pre-Approval Plan. We will explain the other 2 steps (Establishing the maximum student loan and Shopping for schools within your budget) in more detail in future blog postings.